N 600 Portable balancer



N600 portable Balancer dual channel vibrometer for vibration analysis, static and dynamic balancing, condition monitoring and advanced machinery diagnostic

N600 portable Vibration analyzer and balancer is the ideal tool for dual plane field balancing and machinery vibration monitor; It is perfect for both professional condition monitoring jobs, for occasional use and for advanced FFT analysis of vibrating machines.

Compact and rugged, N600 is designed to make static and dynamic balancing very easy and accurate.

N600 can perform single plane and dual plane balance of any type of rotors, either very low speed or very high speed with its 250.000 RPM laser photocell.
Up to 10KHz bandwith, 3200 lines FFT shown on a high visibility large 7” color graphic display makes N600 a very powerful instrument to execute professional vibration analysis in complex situations.
The mini USB port enables data transfer from N600 to a PC, for those professional who need to make post-processing analysis or to generate balancing reports.

2 plane balancing and vibration analysis made simple

Vibrations Analyzer extremely powerful and versatile, designed for quick Vibrometric checks,  balancing in service conditions, detailed analysis on any rotating machine.

Perfect balance is key for industrial machinery efficiency, long life and cost saving

N600 Vibration analyzer and balancer provides the information needed for the organization of predictive maintenance.
It’s the best solution for technical interventions, test room, R&D and technical service for balancing and for vibration analysis.
The portable instrument N600 through a detailed analysis of the vibrations, allows the control and the solution of any vibration problem in a simple, quick and intuitive way by a powerful software designed to ease the operator work.

main functions of N600 vibration Analyzer

Advanced vibration analysis, FFT and troubleshooting of rotating machines
rotating balancing on 1 or 2 correction planes
Vibration analysis in function of time and speed (Bode diagram)
Run up and coast down  for critical frequencies looking
Analysis of the waveforms in the time domain
Vibration phase measurement
Vibration Frequency Analysis
Overall vibration Measurement (acceleration, velocity, displacement)

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