TR-26 Vibration Transmitter



4-20mA Absolute vibration transmitter IP65 SS316 body with onboard 2 pin connector for machinery online monitoring

The integrated vibration transmitter TR-26 measures the absolute vibrations of any rotating machine support

The transmitter, secured directly on machinery, generates an electric signal (4÷20 mA) which is proportional respectively to vibration velocity or acceleration.

The transmitter is made of an AISI 316L body with machine connection thread; the connection to the acquisition system is effected by means of a MIL-C-5015-2 poles connector.

NOTE: The transmitter is available in different configuration versions and does not need any set-up or maintenance.

TR-26 monitors vibration of the point where fixed and interfaces directly to PLC/DCS 2 wires current loop. It is available with different certifications:

·        Intrinsecally safe Atex,

·        TP TC, IECEx.

·        CSA/UL HazLoc

The transmitter is certificate SIL 2 for functional safety

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