Pressure Gauge Accessories



Installing the pressure gauges often require some accessories. Badotherm delivers these accessories such as overpressure protector or syphon for steam applications. All accessories are made of stainless steel and can be mounted and set on the pressure gauge in our factory.

1.       Syphon range: Syphons are used to protect pressure gauges to the effect of hot process media under pressure such as steam. The syphon allows the media to condensate in the syphon. This prevents hot media to enter the pressure gauge. This increases the life time of a pressure gauge with hot media. There are several designs for different installation situation. The BDT42 coil syphon is used for vertical installation, the BDT43 for horizontal installation. The BDT44 is a more compact design of the BDT42 coiled syphon.


2.       BDT40 mounting bracket with BDT41 adapter nipple :


The BDT40 is a mounting bracket designed to mount pressure gauges to the wall or on a 2” pipe. Together with the BDT41 adaptor nipple the set can be mounted in the location that is required. The design is a clamp that can be opened fully for easy mounting after the tubing or diaphragm seal is mounted. The wall mounting design is based on the DIN 16281.


3.       BDT45 pressure snubber:


The BDT45 is an adjustable pulsation protection accessory against sudden pressure pulsations and surges. It is adjustable by means of a throttle screw. The screw closes or opens the open flow in the device so that the fluctuations are dampened. Adjustment of the setting is possible during operation. This enables sensing instruments to provide consistent readings, while extending product service life. The pulsation dampener is often supplied assembled to the pressure gauge. It is not to be used in combination with diaphragm seal.

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